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Hi, I'm Anand

I am a web designer by passion and web developer by profession. For me, designing is not about me or my portfolio it’s about the people I design it for and how my work might help them attain or provide a better experience and achieve their goals. I seek to utilize the things I learned over the years combining it with my innovative and creative ideas to create best-in-class solutions and services that could bring value to my client’s business. I can help you with Website Design, Web Development, and SEO implementation.

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My approach

Not all websites are created equal, they are different and unique with their own qualities, needs, and challenges. Though the coding may remain the same, everything else varies. From its design to interface everything has to match with the unique nature of the business to ensure more conversions. A website should be a reflection of your business acting as a window into your business. I treat each one with the same approach, respect, and dedication without compromising on quality.

I love to design and build distinctive and brand-oriented websites that not only look great but also engage its users, communicate your message, and evoke action. To go the extra mile to provide the best user experience through a more pleasing, engaging and customized web development strategy to make it ROI-positive and maximize conversions.

My experience working in the field has given me a unique glimpse into the inner workings and best practices of website development. Giving me an idea of what works and what doesn’t. And I use these experiences to help my clients to gain a competitive edge over others. I am an experienced, honest and passionate designer who strives to create an engaging, user-friendly website, built to convert and maximize your ROI. I make budgets work. I meet the deadlines, And most of all I make things work.

Working with a freelance web designer

Working with a freelancer allows you to work one-on-one and collaboratively with the actual person who is working on your website. This ensures a better communication of ideas and total flexibility to make any changes you need any time you like.

I leverage the experiences I gained over the years working as a freelance web designer and developer to offer my clients websites that provide intuitive, simple, and engaging experiences, on any screen size and device.

There are two sides of me

I am a creative professional who is, say multi-disciplined, experienced, and passionate designer studying and specializing in all of the key areas of web development to build, launch and manage successful websites. I intend to design and develop websites of all sizes, proportions, and purposes that drive the best user experience with its captivating design and functionality. I like to build long-term relationships with my clients and get more out of a project when I feel personally invested in its success.

The Creative

UI Design, UI UX Design, Web Design, WordPress Theme Design, Web Design Blogger

The Techie

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, jQuery, Javascript, Angular JS, React JS, PHP, Wordpress, Drupal, SEO etc